Hello, my name is Bram Harbers. I am a chassis engineer at Electric Superbike Twente, where I focus on the mechanical and structural aspects of the motorcycles. As a mechanical engineering student, EST challenges me to apply my theoretical knowledge in a more practical sense. On top of that, it allows me to work on some really awesome technology and attend amazing events.

Are you passionate about motorcycles?

As someone who does not own a motorcycle license, racecars always felt a more natural evolution of the transportation I have used so many times already. However, after seeing real motorcycle racing in action, I saw the agility and speed these monstrous machines possess. The skill and bravery the drivers need to keep them just above the asphalt is something I really admire.

Do you believe in the superbikes you produce?

This is a very talented and passionate group of students who (most of the time) know what they are doing. I have the utmost confidence that we can create a ground-breaking product.

Do you think the chassis team has enough potential to reach the goal you have in mind?

The chassis team consists of a diverse group with very different skillsets. Therefore, there is all kinds of knowledge about all kinds of topics available within the group. Everyone within the group can specialize in their own field, while also learning new things from the others. I am confident the chassis team has what it takes to be successful.

What is the funniest encounter while being part of EST?

In an attempt to practice our presentation skills as a group, we all had to make a brief presentation about a randomly assigned topic. Since the preparation time was very short and the topics were all over the place, the presentations were interesting, to say the least. We all had a good laugh about it.

Do you prefer the Delta-XE or the Apex-RS?

Although the Apex-RS has been extremely important in laying the foundation for a superfast electric superbike, the Delta-XE takes it to a whole new level. While maintaining all that is good about the Apex, it improves on the power delivery systems, allowing for even more speed and power on track