Upcoming events

18 May
Race Simulation At Circuit TT Assen

1 June
VDL ETG open days

7 june
B2B event Aalberts HFC 

12-13 July
International Dutch Championship 2-Day Race at Circuit TT Assen

2-4 August
JACK’S Racing Day at Circuit TT Assen

10 August
Electric Superbike Race Finland at Circuit Kymiring in Finland

Past events

18th of April
Vector-ST Motor Reveal 2024 in Teuge

24th of March
TechBeach Techniek Evenement in Tilburg

22nd – 23rd of March
University of Twente Bachelor Open Days in Enschede

16th of March
Hankamp Gears B.V. Open Day in Enschede

14th of February 2024
Career Fair – Business Days Twente in Enschede

19th – 21st of January 2024
Brussels Auto Show in Brussels

16th of January 2024
Technical Presentation EST 7.0 in Enschede

12th of December 2023
W.S.G. Isaac Newton Symposium: “Power Up!” in Enschede

29th of November 2023
De Talententuin Twente in Hengelo

15th – 16th of November 2023
Precisiebeurs in s’Hertogenbosch

11th of November 2023
Saxion Open Day in Enschede

8th – 9th of November 2023
Professional MotorSport World Expo in Köln

13th – 14th of October 2023
University of Twente Bachelor Open Days in Enschede

11th – 12th of October 2023
Opening Frauenhofer Innovation Platform in Enschede

7th of October 2023
Saxion Technology Day in Enschede

26th – 28th of September 2023
Electronics & Applications Fair in Utrecht

21st – 23rd of September 2023
EV Experience at Circuit Zandvoort

15th of September 2023
Partner-Thank-You Drink at Loetje Enschede

25th of April 2023
Last interest drink before application deadline at the Future Factory

16th of April 2023
Talent Fair Automotive Week in Helmond

12th of April 2023
Interest lunch at the Future Factory

8th of April 2023
Motorique opening in Dronten
6th of April 2023
Interest drink at the Future Factory

28th of March 2023
Free lunch at 12: 30 on the O&O square
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14th-15th of October 2022
Open Days University of Twente
We will be present at the Open Days of the University of Twente.

11t-12th-13th of October 2022
Zero Emission Ecomobiel
We will be present at the Zero Emission Ecomobiel fair with the Apex-RS.

27th-28th-29th-30th of September 2022
World of Science & Technology jaarbeurs Utrecht
We will be present at the World of Science & Technology at the booth of our partner HELUKABEL.

23th-24th-25th of September 2022
EV Experience Zandvoort
We will be present at the EV Experience with the Apex-RS

22th of September 2022
O&O square University of Twente
We will be present on the O&O square at the University of Twente

19th – 20th – 21st of August
IDC Assen Race Weekend
On the 20th of August we will be participating in the IDC race weekend.

5th – 6th – 7th of August
Jack’s Racing Day
We will be present at Jack’s Racing Day and try to beat the record for fastest laptime for an electric superbike on TT Assen.</span

1st – 2nd – 3rd of July 2022
IRRC Race Imatranajo, Finland
We will be racing against JHC Ukkonen in the “Three Flashes” competition with the Delta-XE.

28th – 30st of September 2018
Racing Weekend 3
At our last race, on the track of Anglesey (UK) we became European Champions by winning the overall MotoE competition!

31st – 2nd of September 2018
Racing Weekend 2
At the track of Assen (NL) we finished 1st in the MotoE competition

10th – 12th of August 2018
Racing Weekend 1
At the track of Donington Park (UK) we experienced our very first racing weekend, achieving a staggering 2nd temporary place in the MotoE competition

25th of May 2018
Superbike Reveal
After very hard work, we proudly revealed our very first electric superbike, the Liion-GP, in front of over 500 people.

6th of May 2018
Road Racing Varsselring
We presented our bike at a stand next to the stage in the paddock.

3rd of November 2017
Opening Future Factory
Together with Green Team Twente, we opened our brand new office and workspace, with special guest Allard Kalff

4th of September 2017
Opening Acadamic Year
Rector Magnificus Prof. Dr. T.T.M. Palstra opened the academic year of the University of Twente, accompanied on stage by the team of Electric Superbike Twente