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Electric Superbike Twente would not exist without the great help of our partners. Together we push for a super fast electric motorcycle and super fast technological advancements. Thanks to all our partners we can battle for the podium position! Below, our partners are listed from Pole Position to 4th row.

Pole Position

Aalberts is proud to be the pole position partner of Electric Superbike Twente from the University of Twente for the fifth year in a row. Aalberts engineers mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life.

Karen van Munster, Aalberts director sustainability & relations: ‘We see a great match between Aalberts and the Electric Superbike Twente. We nurture entrepreneurship, and our technologies enable us to focus on sustainable transportation.’

Alongside financial backing, Aalberts is also offering the team access to their knowledge and mission critical technologies. Aalberts hydronic flow control has designed an innovative cooling system for the new generation bike, solving overheating issues that plagued earlier prototypes.

Mobility Partner

Munsterhuis Autoverhuur B.V. which is part of the Munsterhuis Group, offers mobility solutions to both businesses and consumers. The Enschede based car rental company is specialized in Renault cars and vans and offers car rental, short lease and full operational lease options.

Front Row

ETC uses the knowhow and technical excellence that they have developed over four decades, combined with significant Research and Development investments, to deliver high tech solutions for cleaner energy and advanced industrial products, from tiny semi-conductors to mining trucks and space vehicles.

Prodrive designs, develops and produces all your highly competitive electronic and mechatronic solutions.

Known from their world class World Superbike Team Ten Kate Racing, Ten Kate Racing Products delivers high performance motorcycle parts.

The University of Twente stimulates their students to get more than a degree by supporting projects like Electric Superbike Twente.

AFMI has been a crucial partner in the development of our electric superbike, providing us with precision milling services for key components such as the transmission and cooling shell.

AE-Group is a leading provider of electromechanical solutions, with a focus on the design and production of high-performance electric motors. Their expertise and support since the start have been instrumental in the development of the electromotor for our electric superbike, helping us achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

CAD2M is a leading CAD and CAM software solutions provider, offering comprehensive training and support for SolidWorks. Their expert training has helped us streamline our design process and optimize our use of SolidWorks

Demcon is a high-tech company specializing in multidisciplinary engineering solutions for a wide range of industries. Their expertise in tackling complex, multidisciplinary problems has helped us overcome technical challenges.

Second Row

Third Row

Basic Partners