Applications are closed for Electric Superbike Twente 8.0!

Results will be given on 29th-31st of May!

As a Saxion student:

  • Take a gap year and join Electric Superbike Twente (study fee will be compensated)
  • Use Electric Superbike Twente as a replacement for your minor and 3S (60EC)
  • Join as a part-time student (minimum of 12 hours a week)


As a University of Twente Student:

  • Take a gap year and join Electric Superbike Twente (study fee will be compensated)
  • Use Electric Superbike Twente as a replacement for your minor(s) (varies per study)
  • Join as a part-time student (minimum of 12 hours a week)


Do you want to work on the next generation of racing?

A well functioning student team requires people of all disciplines. For optimal efficiency, everyone has a role within the team. Electric Superbike Twente 8.0 is looking for people who want to join the next team of 2024-2025! Below, you can find information about the different roles in our team. Do you want to sign up, or do you just want to express your interest in joining the team? Fill in the completely non-commital application form below and we will get back to you soon!

Upcoming Interest Events

19 March
Future Factory Teams Interest Drink | Future Factory

3 April
Interest Lunch | Future Factory

16 April
Interest Lunch | Future Factory

25 April
Interest Drink | Future Factory

1 May
Application Deadline!







The management facilitates the work of the other subteams. This involves subjects such as team spirit, communication, planning and contact with external parties. The key tasks are to steer the team away from any potential pitfalls and to ensure that the year planning is complied with. The management has the biggest variety in tasks and also carries the responsibility for the end results of the team. A management position is fulltime only.




While the technical teams are working hard on the superbike, there is another part of the team that mostly focuses on the contact to the outside world. This is the communication team. This subteam tells our story to companies and other interested parties. 




The powertrain sub-team is responsible for the delivery of a lot of brute power to the superbike’s rear wheel. Many of the electronic systems on our bikes have been developed by our own engineers to fit our requirements and are unique to our superbike. As a powertrain member, your days will be filled with a large variety of tasks, and you will specialize and be responsible for specific aspects of the superbike. You can read about the different functions in the team in the following sections.

Powertrain members of the previous year’s originate from various studies; Electrical Engineering, Technical Computer Science, Creative Technology, Advanced Technology, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. What is most important when applying for the powertrain sub-team, is that you have an affinity with electronics, and can add to the team in one of the bike’s powertrain aspects.






The chassis subteam is responsible for all the mechanical components in the superbikes, both static and dynamic. This includes structural parts like the frame, subframe and swingarm, but also moving components e.g. the electric motor, transmission and wheels. These components come together to form the backbone of a motorcycle, housing all the powertrain components and allowing the immense forces produced by the motor to be safely transferred to the track’s surface, resulting in the high-speed action Electric Superbike Twente is known for.




Application form

Note: We can only accept students from the University of Twente or Saxion Hogeschool Enschede!

Deadline is on the 1st of May!








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    Yes, I am enrolled at the University of Twente or at Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede.*

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by sending a mail to