After a lot of hard work, we finally were able to go to the dyno at Ten Kate!  

The goal of the day at Ten Kate was to finally be able to run the bike at full power. Because while we have our own dyno, the dyno at Ten Kate is more powerful and more accurate, meaning it gives a clearer view of what our bike is capable of. This is also because this dyno allows us to keep our swingarm and rear wheel on the bike, making this an even better integration test. On top of this, with the bike running at full power, we can also see how the temperatures develop in the battery pack and the motor. 

We left for Ten Kate at 7:45, to make sure we could make the most of the day there. When we got there, we got started unpacking and started our first test at 12, during which we were already able to go at 80 km/h. But this was nothing compared to the max speed we reached, as later in the day we reached 320 km/h! During this test, we were also able to get a power of 221 horsepower or 162kW. This to us showed that not only were we able to reach the specs for which the motor was designed, but even beat them.  

Sadly, when we opened the throttle rapidly, we experienced some issues with the bike shocking a bit. Because of this, we had to spend a long time trying to get to the bottom of this issue, and sadly we were not to fix it on that day. This meant that we did not have enough time to run all the tests we wanted, but we still learned a lot from the tests we were able to run, got a lot of information about how much heat is generated by all the systems, and got some very useful data that allows us to further develop the bike