Join us we need you!

While the team of 2017-2018 is still working really hard on the first motorcycle of Electric Superbike Twente, the team is already looking for next-years members. Do you want to accept the challenge to build a better motorcycle than we do? Then we need you! If you are ready to join the team, fill in the application form below. You are also invited to visit us every break from 12.30 to 13.45 in the Future Factory (Auke Vleerstraat 3b). Here we can give you a sneek peak into the motorcycle we're building and give you a taste of what's it like to be part of a student team.

Powertrain team

The powertrain team is responsible for delivering a lot of brute power to our rear wheel. If you're in the powertrain team, you will work on the inverter, electric motor, battery management systems, control systems, and the battery pack. Our team is unique in the way that we design and manufacture a lot of electric systems ourselves, instead of just buying them from manufacturers!

  • Chief powertrain
  • Software engineer
  • Inverter + motor software engineer
  • Batteries + BMS engineer
  • Data acquisist

Chassis team

The chassis team makes sure the power created by the powertrain team gets to the track properly. Designing a racing bike chassis is a fine art, which is a defined by lots of testing and trying out. Next to that, the whole bodywork, swingarm, electric motor housing and all brackets and parts have to be designed in a way that is both strong and light enough.

  • Chief chassis
  • Batttery construction engineer
  • Motor construction engineer
  • Chassis engineer
  • Swingarm engineer
  • Bodywork engineer
  • Aerodynamics + cooling engineer

Management team

The management team consists of the team manager, head of powertrian and chassis, marketing & communications, external relations and finance. This team is responsible for a good result after a year of hard work. This team needs to acquire partnerships with companies in order to provide the technical team with enough cashflow and parts to make a racing bike. Next to that, the team also has to let the world know that sustainability is cool through marketing.

  • Team manager
  • Technical manager
  • Marketing
  • Graphical design
  • External relations
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Events