MotoE About the race

MotoE is a dynamic Engineering Competition that challenges teams from all over the world to design, build and race electric motorbikes. The series enables teams to test themselves them against the best competitors in the world on iconic race tracks throughout Europe.

The teams form an inclusive club of manufacturers, technical institutions and privateer constructors who are racing on the same track at the same time to be at the cutting edge of clean technology that powers the next generation of motorsport. The field is level, and the same rules apply to all competitors making this the most open competition that exists today.

The rules are very open and are designed to ensure the safety of those working at race tracks whilst giving maximum scope for innovative technology development, making this an exciting and engaging sport as well as pushing the boundaries of all the technologies used.

Read more on the MotoE website

Nova Racing team has been working on their electric bike for 2 years now. Every year the team improves a part of the bike. They are our only Dutch competitors so far. Read more on their website.

The UoN team is run mainly by electrical engineers. Therefore their electrical system is really strong. Current winner of the MotoE championship from 2016. Read more on their website.

The Bath team has been improving their motorcycle for years now and are a worthy competitor. On their website is more information.

The Gauss project is an electric motorcycle with regenerative breaking from the front wheel. Their bike is based on a Honda 2 wheel-drive chassis. Read more here.

Race 1: Anglesey

12-13 August 2017

Set on the west coast of Anglesey, overlooking the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia mountain range beyond, Anglesey Circuit provides visitors with a challenging and exciting circuit in a breathtaking location. With its remarkably smooth surface and a minimum width of 12 metres, the circuit is an outstanding venue for amateurs and professionals alike. Spectators can enjoy vantage points, including the elevated position above the Corkscrew, Peel and Rocket complex.

Race 2: Snetterton

1-3 September 2017

Snetterton has undergone somewhat of a renaissance during the recent years following a multi-million pound redevelopment project at the start of 2011, which was met with rave reviews from both spectators and competitors alike. Its combination of long straights and a wide variety of turns challenges both power and handling. Drawing inspiration from iconic motorsport corners such as Monza's Parabolica and the Montreal Hairpin, the Snetterton 300 circuit hosts the British Touring Car Championship, British Superbike Championship, British Truck Racing Championship and British GT and F4 Championships.

Race 3: Donington Park

7-8 October 2017

It’s first motorcycle race took place on Whit Monday 1931 on the narrow lanes of the Donington Hall Estate. 1933 the track was widened, made permanent and became a venue for Grand Prix car racing. In 1987, with the staging of the FIM World Championship British Motorcycle Grand Prix, Donington helped turn the event around in terms of spectator appeal, bringing in record numbers through the turnstiles. It became the favoured home of the British round of the Moto GP motorcycling championships and British Superbike Championships. Probably because the circuits twists and turns provide the crowd with a racing spectacle and the rider’s skills are really put to the test.